Fashionable mirror wireless charger for fast charging

Name:Mirror Wireless Charge


1, the input current: DC 1.5 ~ 2A
2, the input voltage: DC5.0V ~ 5.5V, beyond this range voltage alarm and stop charging
3, the output voltage: 5V ± 0.1V,
4, the output current: 1A
5, charging power: 5W
6, conversion efficiency: more than 73%
7, transmission distance: the maximum 5mm, the recommended transmission and receiving spacing 2mm ~ 4mm
8, standby power consumption: the average power consumption is less than 30mW
9, over-current protection: when charging the output current is greater than 2A automatically stop charging to prevent damage to the charger
10, standard: Qi wireless charging standard (WPC1.1)
11, whether to support foreign body detection: support
12, the working frequency: 100KHZ-205KHZ