High power charger SMS-Q15PD Port 65W

Smartphones have become one of the must-have items for everyday use. It is important to choose a charger that works well and is durable so that you can charge your phone faster and save more time. Whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer, when you search for “chargers” on a shopping site, you are sure to be overwhelmed by the results. The different types, brands and prices are enough to make your head spin. To help you choose a good, better and faster charger, we have put together 3 branded chargers with guaranteed quality and acceptable prices.

1、SMS-Q15PD 65W Port High Power Charger

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It is a product designed for fast charging, capable of quickly charging your devices at high power. With an output power of 65W, this charger can also be used for laptops, providing an efficient and fast charging experience for your devices. It also features multiple safety protections to keep your devices safe during the charging process. This charger is available in two sizes: US and European. Charge your devices faster and safer with the high power SMS-Q15PD port 65W charger.
Video can show all the facts and details: https://youtu.be/S3uTEjE0iyQ

2, SMS-Q19 Charger QC3.0 + PD 20W fast charging, dual output port

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Square-grained exterior design with glossy texture. Compact and easy to carry, the essential traveler style takes up little space, using the popular classic white style on the market, this charger is available in Europe and the United States dual-caliber options, meets the needs of most people, providing a satisfying bright design.
Detailed video: https://youtu.be/n02KbQYXlG8

3,SMS-Q29 Charger QC3.0 18W Fast Charger


The SMS-Q29 charger is an 18W charger compatible with QC3.0 fast charging. Its appearance is designed in the shape of a square grain and has a frosted texture, which enhances the texture and visual effect of the product. Direct from the factory, your order will be shipped directly from our SOMOSTEL factory.

Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, the chargers mentioned above should be ticked off your shopping list. They have been physically tested and approved by many customers. Of course, chargers are only a small part, we also have cases, tempered films and all other accessory products for mobile phones.